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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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System Status Reports

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System Status

SystemIssue/StatusReported Time/DateExpected Resolution

All UT Share HR and Finance related environments were inaccessible. Technicians were aware of the issue and worked to resolve it as quickly as possible.  


Impact: Campuses were unable to log into any UT Share HR and Finance related environments as well as BIG IP Edge Client (F5) VPN.


Start Date/Time: 08/05/2016 2:00 PM


End Date/Time:   08/05/2016 3:12 PM


2 p.m. August 5
MyMav: Student Portal

Description: Some areas in MyMav were inaccessible due to an expired Web Certificate.  Clicking through the error did not allow access to these areas of MyMav.  Technicians were aware of the issue and worked to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Start Date/Time: 08/07/2016 9:00 AM

End Date/Time:  08/07/2016 2:00 PM

9 a.m. August 7

This page is updated 15 minutes after the notification of a service affecting event.

Automatic Issue and Maintenance Notification

If you wish to receive immediate notification any time an IT  problem  or scheduled maintenance is being logged, you can Join IT_STATUS on the UTA listserv. It will send you an email every time the System Status page is updated with a new problem, when a problem is updated with new information, when a problem is resolved, and when system maintenance is scheduled. This new tool will keep you informed of system changes that impact your daily operations and improve your ability to respond accordingly.

Scheduled Maintenance

UT Share

UT Shared Information Services performs weekly maintenance every Sunday, 6:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. CST.  This maintenance will potentially affect any environments (DEV, TST, QA, PRD) for HR, Finance, Campus Solutions, Portal, or EPM. This is a scheduled “downtime” for the system.  During this time, there should not be any work attempted on the system not related to the scheduled maintenance being performed.


The system will be unavailable every Sunday from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (Central Daylight Time) for maintenance. Occasionally, additional maintenance may occur between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12 noon CDT, requiring the system to be unavailable.

OIT General Server and Network Maintenance

The normal maintenance period for OIT servers and the campus network occurs on Sunday mornings from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (Central Standard Time). Maintenance that occurs outside of this window will be specifically noted above. 

Automated Software Updates

Microsoft products will be updated starting the second Tuesday of every month. Supported software will be updated starting the fourth Tuesday of every month. Learn more about automated software updates.