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OIT Department Safety

OIT Supervisors and Employees

There is so much safety information! Where do I begin?

Yes there is a lot of safety information supervisors and employees need to know. Some information (evacuations, injury reporting, etc.) should be understood immediately, other information can follow.

What do I need to know immediately?

  • First: Every OIT employee needs to know the physical location of the department safety handbook.
  • Second: The department safety information is divided into 7 sections (for the web site and the handbook). The sections everyone should know first are:
    • Know the evacuation plan and safe area locations for your building.
    • Know where to find the Emergency Phone Numbers.
    • Know the Hazard and Injury procedures for supervisors and employees (including how to fill out injury forms). Each employee needs to know what is required of them concerning hazards and injuries on the job.

What do I need to know after I have finished the immediate sections above?

Finally: Since all the information is important and the whole department is supposed to know what is contained in the Department Safety Liaison Handbook, here is a simple plan for covering the last four parts of the DSL handbook. Numbers 1 through 4 are listed in order of importance to the employee.

Suggestion: go to the safety web page and review one topic/link from the "Contents Link" of a section. Review one topic from the contents per day (3-4 minutes should be about the average for most sections). After completing that section move on to the next one i.e. 1, 2,3 etc. This approach will allow an employee to cover the information in a small amount of time each day.

  • Know and be aware of the Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan. This is a large collection of information. A divide and conquer approach will make the information not seem so overwhelming and the online links will make it easier to cover a single topic. Try the one-topic/link-per-day method.
  • Hazard Communication Awareness: This section covers the use of chemicals, Material Safety Data Sheets (important for supervisors and workers) and links to the forms for this segment.
  • Office Safety: This section has very useful information on preventing stress, workstation adjustments, and exercises you can do at your desk.
  • Department Safety Liaison (DSL) Program Explanation. Responsibilities for your department safety representatives (a scan of this section is enough).
  • That covers the 7 sections of the DSL Handbook. A periodic review of the sections to keep them fresh in the mind would be a good idea. Also be aware of the Quick Reference Guide. This menu (left side gray bar menu on the web page) is the HTML version of the handbook each employee should have at their workstation. Periodic review of this small guide would be a good practice also.

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