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Energy is an international problem with local solutions.

International Impact

Energy concerns have been indentified as the world's number one problem for the next 50 years. The Department of Energy projects that the world's total energy consumption will rise dramatically due to economic development in heavily populated areas such as India and China. Oil reserves will not meet the demand beyond 2050. Reliance on oil-based fuels (much of which comes from politically unstable regions in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America).

Impact to Area Companies

Recognizing the critical energy problem, many UT Arlington faculty members are actively involved in energy research and development in the North Texas area. CREST's goal is to bring together these activities under one organizational umbrella, identify synergies, and focus on real solutions. Our Research tab indicates several projects where UT Arlington is working with area companies to advance new energy technology for Texas, such as with TXU.

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