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We are an interdisciplinary group of professors and researchers seeking to uphold CREST's mission. Together, we seek to drive CREST into the future of renewable energy science and technology.

Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar


Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar is a distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington.

He received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University College in India in 1969. Then, he received his M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology in India in 1971.  Finally, he earned his doctorate in Chemistry at the India Institute of Science in 1974.

His area of expertise includes photoelectrochemistry, solar energy conversion, renewable energy, materials, chemistry, semiconductor chemistry and environmental chemistry. (source)

Dr. Brian Dennis


Dr. Brian Dennis is an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.  He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the Pennsylavania State University. (source)

Dr. Fred MacDonnell

Major Contributor

Dr. Frederick MacDonnell is Professor and Associate Department Chair for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Science at the University of Texas at Arlington.

He received his B.S. from the University of Vermont and his M.S. and his Ph.D. from Nortwestern University. (source)

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