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Transforming the UTA Network

Updated on: 03/15/2018

The Office of Information Technology continues transforming the UTA network by upgrading firewalls, adding redundancy for disaster recovery, and improving user management to maintain a secure and reliable network.  During the month of March, faculty, staff, and students may have limited or no access to UTA resources during maintenance scheduled for the following dates. Please review the dates for more information on the impact to the university.




Service(s) Affected

Sunday, March 25, 2018    

2 a.m.

7 a.m.

Network & Telecommunications Maintenance: Campus-Wide, UTA resources are not available (ex. shared drives, pharos printing, voicemail, IP phones)

Saturday, March 31, 2018

2 a.m.

7 a.m.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance *DATE CHANGE*: Campus-Wide, intermittent disruptions to UTA resources (ex. shared drives, pharos printing, )

Please note that the Office of Information Technology performs regular scheduled maintenance every Sunday from 2 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please visit the system status page for more information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the latest maintenance upgrades, please contact the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208,, or through our self-service portal.


New MyMav login page now available

Published on: 03/12/2018

The update to MyMav is complete and available to faculty, staff, and students. A new login section will display when signing into During the initial login, users will be required to indicate if they are students or faculty/staff member by selecting the appropriate tap before the login section displays on the page. No other changes to MyMav will be visible to the user at this time.

Please refresh your MyMav bookmark to and clear your browser cache and cookies.

To learn more, please visit the MyMav Help page. Our IT Help Desk is standing by to assist you with any questions, comments, or concerns at 817-272-2208,, or through the self-service portal.


SharePoint Online Coming Soon

Published on: 03/12/2018

As we continue to move forward with providing a collaborative environment for our faculty and staff, the Office of Information Technology is excited to announce the new launch of SharePoint Online. Here are a few SharePoint Online benefits:

Learn more about SharePoint Online Project by visiting our frequently asked questions and additional SharePoint resources.


Do Not Respond to New Phishing Attempt

Published on: 03/12/2018

Malicious phishing attempts designed to steal NetIDs and passwords were sent to faculty, staff, and student email accounts. Please do not respond to any emails that asks you to validate or update your account information. Faculty, staff, and students should visit the phishing website to view the recent phishing examples and prevention tips. If you responded to a spam or phishing scheme by submitting your UTA password, immediately change your password and security questions. Please forward all spam and phishing emails to or If you have any questions or comments, please contact the IT Help Desk at


IT System Maintenance Scheduled Every Sunday

Published on: 03/12/2018

In order to improve and maintain the efficiency of our systems, the Office of Information performs regularly scheduled maintenance every Sunday from 2-7 am. This maintenance may include rebooting servers, updating critical components, and other general support functions. During this time, you may experience a temporary delay or inability to access a service.

View the system status page, and subscribe to IT Status to receive the latest maintenance updates, and other critical notifications.


UTA Box Free to Faculty and Staff

Published on: 03/12/2018

Sign up for free access to UTA Box, a simple, fast, online collaboration and content sharing tool. Faculty and staff can access stored documents and files up to 25 GB anywhere, anytime, and from any device: desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

UTA Box is like a J:\ drive or another hard drive in the cloud! With Box sync, files from your local hard drive automatically backups to Box online.   Please note that the Box Sync feature can copy files from a box account to folders on your computer. It should not be used on non-encrypted or non-University owned devices.  This is to prevent unauthorized users (e.g. family members or friends) from viewing sensitive University data on personal devices.

Join today by contacting the IT Help Desk at 817-272-2208 or email The Office of Information Technology provides this free service for UTA faculty and staff.

For more information, please visit the UTA Box website.