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MDM Airwatch


What is MDM AirWatch?

The University of Texas at Arlington is adding steps to improve security and protect institutional data on University-owned mobile devices by applying a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service called AirWatch. Stronger authentication and encryption methods are needed to reduce the risk of compromised devices, especially with high value systems such as those that process or store sensitive and restricted information. 

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MDM AirWatch Benefits

The use of University-owned mobile devices to access University information increases convenience and productivity. However, they pose an information security risk to UT Arlington, given that they may store information that is considered confidential or controlled and it could be inappropriate exposure of sensitive information due to the potential loss or theft of the mobile device.

To mitigate this risk, MDM AirWatch can provide additional safeguards to:

-          Protect and encrypt devices by adding a passcode

-          Remotely lock the device if you lose it

-          Enable to wipe data from the device if it is lost or stolen

-          Automatically lock the device after a specific number of failed passcode attempts

-          Ensure the device is in compliance with security guidelines