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What is ServiceNow?

It is a IT Service Platform that can be used to integrate all IT services.  

What advantages does it bring?

ServiceNow Service Management provides consolidation and automation of service processes and eliminates a reliance on manual, redundant tasks. It also significantly improves reporting capability that shows how IT is helping the organization efficiently to provide customers with the highest quality of products and services.

How is this different from our current FrontRange ITSM?

ServiceNow Service Management has a user-friendly web-based portal for the campus user to easily request for help or a new IT service or IT-related item. The requests are automated and go directly to the designated IT team. The users have access to a  knowledge base, a collection of articles, to help users to help themselves in finding solutions to resolve common issues at their own convenience. 
ServiceNow is an industry standard for service management. It has been implemented in numerous organizations and higher education institutions such as UT Austin. It brings efficiency to the service management process.

How would this alter the way the user requests IT Services ?

The user will use the  ServiceNow Self-Service portal to submit incidents and requests. Via this improved tool the submitted requests could be efficiently managed and updated to keep the user informed of the status of the requests. Additionally,  There will be a Service Catalog of most frequently requested items for user to select as well as. There will be knowledge base for researching “How to” procedures and instructions.

The commonly used terminology in ServiceNow is as follows:

The 4 modules of ServiceNow is :
Incident – Whenever there is a disruption in existing service then it is an incident. Such as access denied, system too slow etc…
Request – Requesting for brand new service, such as access to MyMav, access to CMS, software Installation request etc… Service Catalog contains the most frequently requested items.
Knowledge – knowledge base is a searchable database containing a collection of articles with useful information for the users.
Problem – A problem is a group of related incidents.

How do I learn this tool? Is there any training for ServiceNow

OIT has training session information at ServiceNow Training Website.

Can I use the ServiceNow on a mobile device?

Yes.  You can use the ServiceNow Service Management on the mobile devices, to submit incidents and requests.  These mobile devices are not required o be encrypted when submitting tickets.

Getting Licenses

Does everyone using ServiceNow need a license?

In order to submit requests and/or incidents or search knowledge base a license is not required.
In order to be an IT Service provider and to create tasks, assign tasks, complete tasks within a ServiceNow ticket a license is required.

How can I make sure my incident is addressed quickly?

Always describe the issue clearly in details. For example:
Having all the information concerning the issue you are experiencing will help the IT teams to respond quickly to your ticket with resolution.

Can an attachment be added to the incident or request?

Yes, click the paper clip on left top corner of screen to attach something to incident or request, as shown in screen below.

Can I add video clips while submitting an incident or request?

No the system accepts only PDFs, word documents and/or images and will  not accept video clips.

How do I know that my incident/request has been submitted?

You will get a response on the screen with the incident/request number along with an email notification with your incident/request number.

How do I know if my incident/request is closed?

When an incident/request is updated or closed  email will be sent to the person who requested the incident/request. Additionally users can go to the portal page and click on "My Tickets" you can see all  tickets associated with your account.

What is Business Service?

Business Services are the services OIT provides. See example below:

What is Service Catalog?

A Service Catalog is a list of common requests from users across UTA campus. The service catalog The user can go to the service catalog to request a new IT service.

Who can submit requests?

Any student, staff or faculty member at UTA can submit a request.

How to submit a request from the catalog?

Go to the ServiceNow Self-Service portal and click “ Request Something”. Then select your request and fill out the associated form. Each request item has a different form.

How to submit a request if it does not appear on the catalog?

Go to “Ask a question” and submit the request there.


Can anybody create a knowledge article?

IT providers can create knowledge articles and a knowledge manager needs to approve them to be able to publish it. You can create a knowledge article in word document and submit it to the knowledge manager for approval.

Can everyone search articles?

Yes everyone in UTA ( students, staff and faculty ) can search the knowledge base.