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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

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OIT: Office of Information Technology

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Desktop Software Support

Desktop Support provides software installation and troubleshooting for faculty, staff and departments.

How to Obtain Supported Software

  • List of Supported Software
    • Software on this list is supported by Desktop (at the level given) and can be installed on client machines.  Some software requires licenses before install.
  • Advertised Programs
  • Request Software, License Request, Software Information Request
    • Looking for a piece of software, need a license or renewal, or want to know if we can help with your software needs? Please contact the Help Desk.
  • Universal Image
    • OIT effort to provide a common desktop experience for maximum productivity.

Get Help With Software



Advertised Programs

OIT used Microsoft's SCCM to advertise programs available to campus.  This can be done by department, machine, or to the whole of campus.  To see what programs are available, follow the instructions below.  Please note, if you already have the software installed, you will not see it in the list.

If you need a piece of software that is not in the advertised program list, please contact the Help Desk.

New software advertisements will also appear in your system tray when they are first added.  You can install the software at any time.  Desktop does not recommend installing software you do not use, as this slows the computer's performance.

See and Install Advertised Programs

  1. Start->Microsoft System Center 2012->Configuration Manager->Software Center
  2. Double-click on Software Center.
  3. Review the software presented, and double-click to install need software.
  4. Exit when finished.

If you are unable to see the advertisement you are seeking, please do the following before contacting the Help Desk.

  1. Open 'Control Panel'
  2. From the list, open 'Configuration Manager'
  3. Select the 'Actions' tab
  4. Select 'Machine Policy retrieval & Evaluation Cycle' and click 'Run  Now'

Note: This process will take several minutes to complete, once completed you will be able to open the ‘Run Advertised Programs’ window and see the new advertisements that apply on your local machine.

If you receive an error, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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Known Issues

Software is complex, and the more software that a machine runs, the more complex it gets.  OIT strives to provide a stable, error free work environment, however there are times when issues appear.  Each software information page contains a "Known Issues" section, which describes any issues OIT is aware of.   In many cases, it will also provide a work around or fix for the problem.  Only problems which are likely to occur on campus are listed.  If you have a problem not in the known issues section, or are uncomfortable trying to fix the problem yourself, please contact the Help Desk.

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Desktop Support For Common Software Tasks

Desktop offers limited support for common software tasks.  If you need help learning how to do something, or need information about which software works best for what you are trying to do, contact the Help Desk and we will try to help.  Please try to describe the problem as completely as possible.

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Getting Help From The Internet

The Internet is a vast resource of information.  Getting the right information to help with your problem can be difficult.  Desktop Support suggests the following strategy to help with find the information you are looking for.

  • Visit the software providers' pages.  Most software providers provide online support, guides, and troubleshooting information.
  • If you get a specific error message or code, search using the software name and version and the code.
  • If you are looking for help for a task, search using the software name and version, the words how to, and the task you want to accomplish
  • If the information you find advices making changes to network, firewall, the registry or adding additional software or patches -  contact the Help Desk for further help.  These types of "fixes" can easily result in far greater problems for your machine.

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