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IBM Endpoint for Patch Management - Windows

System requirements: Windows


IBM Endpoint Client Installation

The following instructions will provide guidance on downloading installation media for the IBM Endpoint for Patch Management client and how to install it on:

  • Windows XP or Greater - Off UTA domain systems

How to Get:

Windows XP or greater - Off Domain

  1. Log on system as Administrator
  2. Create a directory named BESClient in C:\Windows path.
  3. Download the following zipped installation media files masthead.afxm and BigFix-BES-Client- to your desktop by clicking on the following link:
  4. Right-click on the file and select the Extract all command and accept the default destination folder.
  5. In the extracted folder, select and run the BigFix-BES-Client- installer file as an Administrator
  6. Install by accepting the default settings presented by the installation wizard.