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UT Arlington
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Page Structures and Assets

A site setup in Cascade Server includes pre-configured pages, typically a one, two, and three-column page with the site's look & feel. The building blocks for each page are nested page assets:

asset factory Asset Factory - The Asset Factory is used to create new pages. Available Asset Factories are listed under "New" in the menu bar.

page Asset Factory Base Page - The Asset Factory is based on the configuration of this page.

content type Content Type - The Content Type combines the Configuration Set and Metadata Set. For Structured Dataforms it also includes the Data Definition.

metadata set Metadata Set - The Metadata set consists of basic common information about a page's content such as title, summary, keywords, etc.. Cascade Server's standard Metadata can be supplemented with customizable Dynamic Metadata. Dynamic Metadata includes custom text fields, drop down boxes with preset option, and Boolean Yes/No values.

    data definition Data Definition - Data Definitions are used for Structured Data Forms. They allow the creation of form-based input fields for the creation and editing of content. Structured Data Forms ensure the consistent input of data into staff directories, FAQs, etc.

    Data Definitions expand on the flexibility of Dynamic Metadata. They allow the use of standard and WYSIWYG textareas, textfields, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, multi-selectors, calendars/dates and links to other assets such as pages, files, blocks, and external links. Any of these assets can be grouped.

    configuration set Configuration Set - The Configuration Set references Templates with output configurations such as .PHP, .XML, .PDF, etc.

    template Template - The Template determines the page layout and page regions. A page region is a page area that can hold other assets such as header, footer, navigation, etc.


    Graphical Page Representations