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Web Forms

We have one successful implementation of a form e-mailing submitted data.The School of Urban and Public Affairs uses the form to update alumni information.

There are three major parts to a publishable form:

  1. Page being published
    • supa:alumni/update_info_form (the published web form)
      • Content Type supa:form-process
      • Configuration Set: supa:form-process
      • Metadata Set: page
      • Data Definition: Global:uta/AA/form-data-definition
  2. Page with processing instructions
    • supa:alumni/supa:alumni/form-config (form processing instructions)
      • Content Type supa:form
      • Configuration Set: supa:form
      • Metadata Set: Default
      • Data Definition: Global:www.uta.eduuta/AA/form-config-data-definition
  3. PHP code executing the processing instructions


Hannon Hill Knowledgebase:

Possible other form uses: customer feedback form