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EH&S Online Training Course List

Biological Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens for Laboratory Research Personnel  BIOL200

On-Site Biohazardous Waste Management: Autoclaving  BIOL300

Vaccinia Virus  BIOL400

Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) BIOL500

General Safety and Biosafety for Laboratory Teaching Assistants (TAs) BIOL600

Chemical Safety

Hazard Communication and Waste Management-Non-Academic CHEM100

Hazard Communication and Waste Management-Academic  CHEM200

General Safety for Chemistry Laboratory Teaching Assistants (TAs)  CHEM300

Environmental Safety

Class C Underground Storage Tank  ENV100

Fire & Life Safety

Hot Work Training (English)-Part 1  FIRE100

Entrenameinto de trabajo en caliente-Parte 1  FIRE200

Fire Alarm Device Awareness  FIRE300

Fire Stopping  FIRE400

Hot Work Training-Part 2 "Using Fire Extinguishers" (English)  FIRE500

Entrenameinto de trabajo en caliente-Parte 2 - Usando extintores (Video)  FIRE600

Laser Safety

Laser Safety  LSR100

Occupational Safety

Respiratory Protection  OCC100

Hearing Conservation  OCC200

Confined Space Entry Awareness  OCC300

Lockout/Tagout  OCC400

Back Injury Prevention  OCC500

Hand and Power Tool Safety  OCC600

Bloodborne Pathogens (Non-Research Personnel)  OCC700

Radiation Safety

Radiation Awareness  RAD100

Radiation Producing Machine (Xray)-Part 1  RAD200

Radiation Producing Machine (Xray)-Part 2 Video  RAD300

Vehicle Safety

Defensive Driving Awareness  DRIV100

12 & 15 Passenger Van  DRIV200

Powered Industrial Truck  DRIV300

Workers' Compensation

WCI Employee & Supervisor Training  WCI100