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Workers' Compensation

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Tracy Gardner
Workers' Compensation Claims Analyst
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Workers' Compensation Insurance (WC) provided by The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is funded by The University of Texas System (UT System) through a self-insured WC program. Cannon Cochran Management Services Inc. (CCMSI) administers this program. Administering the program includes receiving, investigating, and making liability determinations on WCI claims. Individual names who appear on the employer payroll are eligible for Workers' Compensation Insurance.

For an injury or illness to be work related, it must originate while you are engaged in the work your job requires you to do for the university.

The Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S) is responsible for coordinating the UTA Workers' Compensation Program. The UTA WC Claims Analyst serves as a facilitator between UTA injured employees and all UT System WC Insurance entities by submitting appropriate forms in a timely manner and making every effort to negotiate modified duty assignments.

Reporting an Injury

  • Immediately inform your supervisor of the injury, no matter how minor it may seem; UTA policy states injuries must be reported within twenty-four (24) hours of the injury.  Failure to notify within 30 days may result in denial of the claim.
  • If necessary, report unsafe working conditions to your supervisor or to us at 817-272-2185 or
  • The injured employee, supervisor or designee is advised to notify the UTA Workers' Compensation (WC) office of the injury at 817-272-5563 or email about the incident.

Required Reporting Forms

      *Complete Injury Packet  

The injury packet forms should be completed and emailed to within 24 hours of the injury.  If immediate medical treatment is required, these forms may be submitted as soon as practical after medical treatment has been provided.

The following forms are included in the injury packet:

Medical Treatment

  • The decision to seek or not seek medical treatment is up to the employee.
  • For life-threatening injuries, please call UTA dispatch at 817-272-3003 for transportation to a hospital emergency room.  Once your situation has been stabilized, you must follow-up with an IMO Network provider.
  • For non-life-threatening injuries, medical treatment must be made from the list of doctors approved by The UT System Network- Injury Management Organization (IMO) approved doctor list. The online search tool to find a provider: OR see Providers Nearest to the University       
  • Injuries requiring a specialist, the IMO Network treating doctor will make a referral. 
  • Employees that do not seek medical treatment are assumed to be at full duty status.    

Post Injury Responsibilities

  • Communicate all changes in work status to supervisor and the WCI Employer representative immediately.

Telemedicine Services

Healthcare Network Information

Required Employer Notices 


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