Promoters/Rental Guide

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Detailed Theater Specifications

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Building Use Rate Schedule


Up to twelve hours in any day, additional hours prorated.

Please note that Equipment and Staffing tailored to each event is additional



Includes concert staffing package.

Equipment additional


Equipment Rate Schedule

Sound: Meyer Sound Lab

Please note that a touring sound package must be brought in for all concert tours.
House PA Package          $500.00 per day
Speaker/Amp tie in only $125.00 per day

The tie in rate only includes patch in to our amps and speakers. You must bring your own mixer and any microphones or other audio equipment.


House Conventional Lighting Package  $300.00 per day
Followspots $150.00 each per day

House Equipment



Equipment Item 


Per Day 




Projectors and Screens package






Piano: Grand, 9', Steinway






Piano: Upright, Baldwin (in pit only)






Risers 6x8x16" or 24", 6x8x8"






6' Folding Tables












Stacking Chairs 1-100




Stacking Chairs <300


Delivery Charges








Skirting 1 table = skirt and cloth (Non-Food Service Only)






Table Drops (Non-Food Service Only)




A large variety of Special Effects can be used at Texas Hall including water-based haze, fog, snow and Co2. Sorry, no pyrotechnics. Vendor information is available upon request.

Concessions and beer/wine sales available at our provider's discretion.

All ticketing services provided by UTATICKETS.COM

Insurance Requirements

Single event insurance available through Texas Hall

User agrees to purchase, provide, and keep in effect during the term of this Agreement, and until move-out is completed, an insurance policy, or rider to an existing policy, with the UT Parties named as additional insureds, which will provide coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 general aggregate for each occurrence, for personal injury (including death) and property damage insuring the User's contractual liability under this Agreement.  Such insurance shall be with an insurance company or companies and under forms of policy or policies reasonably acceptable to UTA.

The UT Parties listed as additional insured will be, “The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, The University of Texas System, and The University of Texas at Arlington, their officers, directors, employees and agents.”

The following additional insurance coverages and amounts are also required of User for the Event:

Workers’ Compensation          Statutory Limits, including waiver of subrogation in favor of UTA

Employer’s Liability                 $1,000,000

Automobile Liability                $1,000,000 combined single limit for any owned, non-owned or hired vehicles.


If the User is unable to provide general liability insurance, a temporary policy may be purchased by the User through the University Risk Management TULIP Program (Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy) to cover for Commercial General Liability for the Facility Use Period.  Premium costs are determined based on the nature of the event, the anticipated number of participants, whether alcohol will be served, and the number of days
User will provide to UTA a certificate of insurance attesting the existence of a policy or policies providing coverage described in the preceding paragraph.  User also agrees to provide to UTA a certified copy of said policy or policies if requested. All certificates of insurance and certified copies of insurance policies shall be delivered to Texas Hall no later than 30 days prior to event.