Educational Technology Support Services
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Educational Technology Support Services (ETSS) contributes to the fulfillment of campus research and instructional goals and objectives by providing professional technical and instructional support for the benefit of faculty and student learning at the University of Texas at Arlington. 


Classroom Upgrades

Numerous upgrades were made to classrooms over the summer, including: new control screens and programming that facilitates direct contact with campus police in case of an emergency, and new document cameras, projectors, audio systems and PCs.

Adobe Creative Cloud

OIT has purchased a site license for the Adobe Creative Cloud software package. Faculty will be able to access the software from their office computers as well as the classroom computers.

ECHO360 Active Learning Platform

Lecture Capture capabilities have been expanded to a total of 80+ classrooms. The platform also integrates a powerful suite of interactive instructional tools to assist faculty in the development, delivery and maintenance of face-to-face, blended and on-line Bb courses.


The i>clicker Audience Response System enables students and faculty to interact dynamically through question-and-answer polling in various settings vis-a-vis the intuitive interface, mobile app, and hand-held devices.

Large lecture classes are learning environments that present unique challenges, but having the Internet available at the front of the room allows for real-time interaction with Internet resources during lecture slideshows. Course management systems, like Blackboard, also make routine tasks much easier. I depend on it throughout the semester for confidential grade reporting, class announcements, and dissemination of assignments and other course materials. (The grade book aspect of Blackboard has recently become even more convenient as the university has begun to streamline the process of automating the transfer of grades directly into the MyMav system). Lecture capture video is now widely available in large classrooms, and I have found it very easy to use. Online access to recorded lectures has been well-received by students as a supplemental study tool. I never did try those clickers, but I look forward to incorporating similar features, such as in-class electronic quizzes, as the interactive technology tools continue to evolve.

Dr. Jill Devito
lecturer, biology