Educational Technology Support Services


Educational Technology Support Services provides a variety of technical and instructional support services, including:

  • Standardized instructional delivery platforms
  • Collaborative learning spaces design and development
  • Expert technical consulting
  • In-class and desktop video capture and support

However, we don’t manage every aspect of educational technology on campus. For example, many campus classrooms, conference rooms and laboratories are equipped, controlled and supported by individual colleges and/or departments. Faculty needing assistance in a locally-controlled classroom should contact an administrator.

Download a list of supported educational technology classrooms, including the equipment installed in and the college or department supporting each one.

For immediate assistance in any rooms listed in the ETSS classroom directory please contact us at:

In an effort to promote collegiality and more efficient and effective services to instructional faculty, we are providing some additional information we hope you will find useful about where help can best be found for a number of common concerns:

  • To reserve a classroom: Deborah Wamsley at 817-272-3236 or
  • For locked classrooms: Mav Express 817-272-2102 or
  • To gain faculty access to rooms they are not normally scheduled in please have your department administrator contact: Mav Express 817-272-2102 or
  • For assistance with any network problems or fixing a personal computer: OIT Help Desk 817-272-2208 or

Do we cater to shorter attention spans or push students to develop understanding and the ability to focus?

Teaching English as a second language is never easy. If teachers are not well-prepared, technology can get in the way of instruction. However, what I have discovered is that this struggle has made me more thoughtful and conscience of the pedagogical decisions I make in my courses, and that has proven to be a very good thing. Developing the proper blend of theory and praxis in instruction has always been the artistic challenge facing teachers. Adding instructional technology in ways that support and underscore those pedagogical decisions serves to strengthen student learning and promote more productive outcomes.

M. Clint Taylor
instructor, English Language Institute