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Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture

UT Arlington has endeavored to provide the most advanced instructional technology tools available. One of our most successful programs has been the implementation of the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. Video capture technology is used by over 400 faculty in a variety of ways to enhance student learning, including live and pre-recorded lectures that can be distributed via Blackboard or social media for use by students as a study guide or as part of a flipped classroom. In the last year, these instructional recordings were accessed over 450,000 times by students. Echo360 captures 2 video sources as well as an audio feed for a complete rendering of the classroom experience.

Most rooms are equipped with a fixed camera and a microphone mounted to the ceiling. The Echo360 device is mounted in an out of the way area with the feeds from the camera, microphone, and the projector. The advantage to this setup is instructors are not required to power up, operate, or have any involvement with the recording. They come to class, teach as normal, and the presentation is sent to them via e-mail.

Over seventy classrooms are currently equipped with either SD or HD video capture technology, including:

Echo360 Classroom Software

For the Fall 2021 semester, Echo360's desktop-only recording software will be loaded on all ETSS supported classroom computers. The images from the desktop, video from an installed web camera, and audio are recorded and streamed live via the software. The software can be installed in any classroom or lab. There is also software you can load onto your personal laptop (Windows or Apple iOS) to record and stream from home or your office. That software is available from the Echo360 server once you are registered with the Echo360 system by the administrator.

For more information contact:
Don Lane, Manager of Technical Operations
E-mail or phone 817-272-3296

Video capture is one of the best pedagogical tools available on campus today.

Sometimes just getting access to a classroom equipped with your favorite instructional technology can be a challenge. Video capture is an extremely valuable tool for enhancing student learning outcomes, and one that students have come to rely on, so when my class was assigned a room without Echo360 I had to find another solution to meet student needs. I configured my laptop to capture the course lectures, which I edit for content and then post to Blackboard. Admittedly this is not the perfect solution, but it speaks volumes about the flexibility of current classroom technology.

Dr. Marcus Butts
assistant professor of management