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Technical Support

Educational Technology Support Services provides a variety of technical services and solutions designed to enhance instruction and improve student learning outcomes. In partial fulfillment of our mission we maintain over 160 technology-enhanced classrooms across campus.

Download a list of supported educational technology classrooms, including the equipment installed in and the college or department supporting each one.

Private consultations are available free of charge to any faculty member interested in pursuing their curiosity of how educational technology could impact the students in their classes.

Individualized training is also provided for the more mechanical aspects of the technology.

For the brave of heart we offer just-in-time classroom aids:

We also offer four services that can reshape any course, whether you are looking for greater interactivity in-class or moving your course on-line:

Technology is an instructional resource that can be leveraged for the benefit of both faculty and students.

Teaching large classes of 200 or more students can be very challenging. My decision to use Echo360 to capture my classes on video and then upload those files to Blackboard was not without some reservations. Like many faculty, I was afraid students would stop coming to class if they could access the lectures online. Imagine my surprise and elation when the opposite occurred – students coming to class were listening more intently, asking better questions and stated that they were using the videos to extract lesson details in study sessions outside of class.

Dr. Lee Ann Frederick
lecturer, biology