Classroom Visits

We offer 20- or 40-minute classroom visits, depending on the instructor’s request. During a 20-minute session classroom visit, we review the basic services and tools offered at the Writing Center, including a brief overview of information found on our website. In our 40-minute sessions, we also walk students through the process of how to make an appointment, what to expect from a session, and we briefly provide information on upcoming workshops. Scheduling a classroom visit is quick, easy, and can be done by completing our Classroom Visit Form.

Writing Support

Faculty members can benefit from another set of eyes on their work, especially given the pressure to publish and obtain research funding. Our executive staff will review faculty work for any number of writing situations, including journal articles and grant proposals. Limited resources, and the complexity of faculty projects, require that we limit these services to 80 double-spaced pages of reviewed material per long semester. A comprehensive review with corrections and comments will be completed and returned in 7-10 days. Please complete our Faculty Writers Request Form online to submit project.

Instructional Assistance

Faculty, program directors, and administrators may request private workshop(s) personalized for your program, pro-seminar, or classroom needs at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Requested workshops may address topics from currently-offered writing center workshops, a particular program or assignment, or may be new workshops required for a specific program or assignment. Before the requested workshop date or class session, one of our writing consultants will work with the requesting personnel to personalize the workshop. On the requested workshop date or class session, the same consultant will offer the workshop either in the Writing Center, the designated classroom, or a conference room or classroom reserved by requesting personnel. Please complete our Workshop Request Form to request one of the above services.

Code of Conduct

University and Writing Center Behavioral Policies

Students visiting the Writing Center are expected to adhere to the code of proscribed conduct as it is outlined in the University of Texas at Arlington’s Handbook of Procedures: Policy 9; Subchapter B. Accordingly, while at the Writing Center, students should refrain from the following behaviors: physical abuse or threat of physical abuse of any person; engaging in behavior that would be deemed by a reasonable person to be disruptive in nature (see below); conduct that endangers the health or safety or welfare of any person; any violation of the University's sexual harassment policy as outlined in Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Consensual Relationships (Procedure 14-1); or, any violation of the University's harassment policy as outlined in Harassment (HOP Subchapter 4-200).

Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, engaging in or attempting to engage in conduct, either alone or in concert with others, that is intended to obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with, or that in fact obstructs, disrupts, or interferes with any instructional, educational, research, administrative, or public service activity or program, or any athletic event or public performance or other activity authorized to be conducted in or on a University facility.

Obstruction or disruption may include noise violations, any act that interrupts, modifies, or damages utility service or equipment, communication service or equipment, or computer equipment, software, or networks, or any behavior which results in the inappropriate utilization of University resources.

The Writing Center Director reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student who fails to conform to these policies, which can include suspension of services for a specific time judged reasonable for the individual offense by the writing center executive director. Egregious offenses could result in a report to the Office of Student Conduct and eventual banishment from the Writing Center after an investigation of the circumstances.

Please note that for their safety, and to ensure that all sessions are conducted with minimum distractions, children are not permitted in the Writing Center. Clients with children who cannot make childcare arrangements should take advantage of our online services.