The Writing Center opens for Fall 2024 on January 16

*A valid Mavs ID is required upon check-in for your appointment

You can register and make 30- or 60-minute online consulting sessions for any coursework for your UT Arlington classes. You can make appointments online using our scheduler at Writing Center Appointments so long as you schedule your appointment one day in advance. Same day appointments for registered clients are taken as walk-ins only. During each session, you will meet with a highly trained writing consultant who will assist you in addressing your assignment demands, audience expectations, and writer’s needs. Consultants are here to help you in every phase of the process, including brainstorming activities to generate ideas, organizing, and refining your projects. You should always bring a printed copy of your writing assignment with you to your appointment; however, the Writing Center has a Pharos printing station available if you forget.

Groups working on projects and posters are welcome to share a session, benefitting from project-specific guidance.

Register and make appointments at Writing Center Appointments.

Please see our policies for more information on using our services.

Online Appointments

You can register and make 30- and 60-minute online appointments with our highly trained consultants at Writing Center Appointments. Not all of our consultants are available for online tutoring, so be sure that you see ‘online’ under your consultant's name before making an online appointment. When you make your appointment, you must select “Yes - Meet Online” on the appointment form.  These appointments are audio, visual, and chat enabled, depending on the student’s equipment.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, log back into the scheduler at Writing Center Appointments approximately 5-10 minutes before the start of appointment (CST), open the appointment block that you reserved, and click “Start or Join Online Consultation.” From there follow instructions for uploading papers, using audio, visual, and chat features.  For further instructions, download the attached file: Instructions for Starting Your Online Appointment.

Due to the limits in the functionality of the online program, we cannot address format questions in online sessions.

Online student users are responsible for understanding their equipment and being prepared to use online services. Users should be aware that neither the Writing Center, nor the UTA OIT staff can offer technical support to students for online appointments in the Writing Center.

Register and make appointments at Writing Center Appointments.

Please see our policies for more information on using our services.

Dissertation Support Spring 2024

In partnership with the Graduate School, the UTA Writing Center is offering assistance to dissertation writers for Spring 2024 beginning on January 16. Dissertators can submit a section of their dissertation (up to 40 double-spaced pages) to be reviewed by our Executive Staff of graduate writing consultants. With each submission, our writing consultants will assist with matters of clarity, organization, style, and citation of sources, along with recognizing grammar and punctuation patterns that the writer should address in the draft. In other words, consultants will not edit or proofread submissions, but they will offer writing/revision advice along with other resources in the final stages of the dissertating process. A comprehensive review with comments will be completed and returned to the student in 7-10 days. Students will be notified by the Writing Center Director or our graduate consultant if more time is necessary to comment on the submission. After the submission is returned, the dissertation writer can make a follow-up appointment (either face-to-face at the center or online), with the Executive Staff member in order to discuss the draft comments, establish a revision plan, and set up a submission date for the next section of the dissertation to be reviewed. Please complete our Dissertation Support Form to submit the project.

Code of Conduct

University and Writing Center Behavioral Policies

Students visiting the Writing Center are expected to adhere to the code of proscribed conduct as it is outlined in the University of Texas at Arlington’s Handbook of Procedures: Policy 9; Subchapter B. Accordingly, while at the Writing Center, students should refrain from the following behaviors: physical abuse or threat of physical abuse of any person; engaging in behavior that would be deemed by a reasonable person to be disruptive in nature (see below); conduct that endangers the health or safety or welfare of any person; any violation of the University's sexual harassment policy as outlined in Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Consensual Relationships (Procedure 14-1); or, any violation of the University's harassment policy as outlined in Harassment (HOP Subchapter 4-200).

Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, engaging in or attempting to engage in conduct, either alone or in concert with others, that is intended to obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with, or that in fact obstructs, disrupts, or interferes with any instructional, educational, research, administrative, or public service activity or program, or any athletic event or public performance or other activity authorized to be conducted in or on a University facility.

Obstruction or disruption may include noise violations, any act that interrupts, modifies, or damages utility service or equipment, communication service or equipment, or computer equipment, software, or networks, or any behavior which results in the inappropriate utilization of University resources.

The Writing Center Director reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any student who fails to conform to these policies, which can include suspension of services for a specific time judged reasonable for the individual offense by the writing center executive director. Egregious offenses could result in a report to the Office of Student Conduct and eventual banishment from the Writing Center after an investigation of the circumstances.

Please note that for their safety, and to ensure that all sessions are conducted with minimum distractions, children are not permitted in the Writing Center. Clients with children who cannot make childcare arrangements should take advantage of our online services.