1. What should I expect out of a session?

    Our one-on-one consultations are constructed to help students becoming better writers. During each session, clients will meet with a highly-trained writing consultant who will assist in addressing assignment demands, audience expectations, and the writer’s needs. Consultants are here to help clients in every phase of the writing process (including brainstorming activities!) to generate ideas, organize, and refine your projects.

  2. What is a "Quick Hits" session?

    “Quick Hit” sessions are our 15-minute sessions which are designed for clients who have one or two concerns or questions about their writing assignments. So, if you have a brief question concerning format, topic sentences, in-text citations, make a “Quick Hit” appointment. If you have questions about your entire essay, then you’ll definitely want to make a longer 30-, 45-, or 60-minute appointment.

  3. How does an online session work?

    In an online session, clients can upload their drafts in our WC Online session for a synchronous session. Our consultants can communicate with clients via onsite text or by video. To set up an online session, see additional directions and info here: .

  4. Can you all check my paper for grammar, spelling, etc.?

    During the session, our consultants will alert students of any grammar or spelling issues. Although we cannot edit the paper, our consultants will show clients how to recognize any sentence-level issues and explain how the they can make those changes on their own in the future.

  5. What happens if I show up late/ no-show?

    If a client shows up more than five minutes late for an appointment, our appointment system automatically cancels the appointment. If there is another consultant available at the time of arrival, we will try and get the student in a session as soon as possible. In order to meet high demand, clients must cancel appointments a minimum 60 minutes before the start of session. Clients who are 5 minutes late for sessions will be dropped from the schedule to accommodate those on the wait list. Clients who have two 'no shows' will be accepted only as a walk-in upon availability.

  6. Can I just submit my paper for editing?

    Over the last 30 years, the mission of the UTA Writing Center focuses on creating stronger writers, so we continue to adhere to the effectiveness of one-on-one writing sessions. In order for us to help clients gain more effective writing strategies, we do not accept essay submissions for editing.

  7. Who can use the Writer's Studio?

    The Writer’s Studio is a multi-purpose section of the Center that provides a quiet space for all students to come and write without distractions. The Studio is open during the Writing Center’s regular operating hours and has computers and printing capabilities for students. Also, all of the Writing Center Workshops are held in the Studio. Faculty can reserve the room, too, for a writing day for individual classes or meetings and can be reserved by on-campus writing groups. Please contact us for more information or to reserve the Studio.