Dr. Woo-Suk Chang


Woo-Suk Chang, Ph.D.
Department of Biology University of Texas-Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019
Office: 216 AA L.S.
Phone: 817-272-3280
Lab: 216 L.S.
Phone: 817-272-3264
Fax: 817-272-2855
e-mail: wschang@uta.edu

Dr. Chang is a microbiologist interested in microbial genomics and environmental microbiology. Specifically his interests are in symbiotic interaction between rhizobia and legume plants, nitrogen fixation, and microbial biofilms. Dr. Chang is going to employ a culture-independent metagenomic approach to increase our understanding of how rhizobial communities, rather than a species, interact with legume plants. In addition to metagenomics, microarray technology has been used to reveal global gene expression patterns regarding the response of Bradyrhizobium japonicum, a soybean symbiont, to several environmental factors. Microbial biofilm (specifically unsaturated biofilm) in several Pseudomonas strains is the other area of interest. Dr. Chang has tried to understand how the molecular mechanism is involved in unsaturated biofilm formation and development. Dr. Chang has brought his expertise in microbial genomics and molecular microbiology to not only the microbiology group within the department of biology, but also a number of multidiscipline research areas at the University of Texas-Arlington.

Areas of Expertise:

• Environmental Microbiology Unsaturated microbial biofilms; environmental factors that influence bacterial survival and biofilm development; the role of polysaccharides under drought conditions; development of biosensor strains to monitor environmental changes; biodegradation of pollutants.

• Plant-Microbe Interactions The Rhizobium-legume symbiosis; nitrogen fixation; functional genomics of rhizobia using microarray technology.

• Microbial Genomics Ecological genomics; microarray ANOVA (MAANOVA); significance analysis of microarray (SAM); GeneSpring software.