Dr. Jeff Demuth

Associate Professor of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Speciation Genetics and Genomics
PHONE: 817-272-2653
LAB: ERB 476
PHONE: 817-272-2689
FAX: 817-272-9722
Ph.D., Indiana University, 2004

Speciation Genetics and Genomics; Evolution of Duplicate Genes; Maternal Effects
I use mathematical modeling, computational, and molecular approaches to study the evolutionary and genetic mechanisms that shape genomes and produce new species. Three general questions guide current research in my lab: 1) What is the genetic basis of reproductive incompatibility? 2) How important are gene duplication and loss to genome evolution and adaptation? 3) Does sex-limited gene expression play an important role in the evolution of novel traits and/or developmental pathways? Much of my experimental work relies on insect model systems. My computational research has focused on fully sequenced mammals with particular attention to human genome evolution.