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Departments of Mathematics, Biology granted $780,946 from NSF.

Arctic exploration Researchers examine Alaskan tundra for insight into climate warming. - UT Arlington Magazine.

Professor Campbell wins W. Frank Blair Eminent Naturalist Award

Alumni News - A trek to the Alaskan tundra this summer broadened horizons and refocused career goals for alumna Camille Rogers.

Reptilian Research - UTA Research Magazine

Researchers Casting For Answers To Stop Algae Problem In Texas Lakes - ScienceDaily

Bye Bye, Biology - The Shorthorn

Snake in the Glass - The Shorthorn

Spider Trap - The Shorthorn

Warming Up To It - The Shorthorn

The Greenhouse effect - UTA Magazine

A backbone of discovery - UTA Magazine

Research in ecology at UTA encompasses a wide variety of organisms in a diversity of ecosystems. We address questions at the population, community, and ecosystem levels and collaborate with researchers in other disciplines, both within UTA and beyond. Faculty and students in our group use mathematical modeling, statistical techniques, controlled laboratory experiments, and long-term field studies to examine basic and applied ecological concepts.

The Biology Department awards a Ph.D. in Quantitative Biology as well as M.S., B.S., and B.A. degrees. Undergraduates may choose the Environmental Biology option as their program of study, emphasizing ecological and environmental coursework. Several of our faculty participate in the interdisciplinary Environmental and Earth Sciences program, offering both the M.S. and Ph.D., as well as a 5-year dual B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Environmental and Earth Sciences.
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