Dr. Laura Gough - Graduate Students


Jayme Walton, M. S. student



Graduate Students

Carol Moulton, M.S.2009
Thesis topic: role of sexual reproduction in dry heath arctic tundra plant communities

David Johnson, Ph.D. 2008
Currently: postdoctoral scientist with Dr. Craig Tweedie, UT-El Paso
Dissertation topic: role of mammalian herbivores in determining arctic tundra plant community structure

Matt Watson, Ph.D. 2008
Currently: Lecturer Biology Department, University of Texas at Arlington
Dissertation topic: comparative thermal ecology of the Plestiodon (Eumeces) fasciatus species complex

Carolyn Hess, M.S., 2008
Currently: high school biology teacher, Garland, TX
Thesis topic: how does the plant community determine soil mite abundance in four North Texas vegetation types

Amie Treuer, M.S., 2006
Currently: employed by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Austin, TX
Thesis topic: does invasion of exotic Sorghum halepense facilitate invasion by native Prosopis glandulosa in North Texas prairie

Marnie Ort, M.S., 2005
Currently: Ph.D. student of Dr. Ray Callaway, University of Montana
Thesis topic: allelopathy of Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense) in remnant North Texas prairie

Julia Cherry, Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2005
Currently: assistant professor of Biology and the New College at University of Alabama
Dissertation topic: role of semi-terrestrial herbivores and competition in structuring a water lily (Nymphaea odorata) population in an Alabama reservoir

Nia Pauliukonis, M.S., University of Alabama, 2002
Currently: employed by State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Thesis topic: effects of halting clonal integration on success of four sedge species in a calcareous fen in Michigan


Recent Undergraduate Students

• Brian Moon, Biology major, planning to attend medical school

• Kanchan Shrestha, Biology major, Environmental Biology option, currently working in conservation ecology in Nepal

• Jef Knight, Biology major, Environmental Biology option, currently employed by The Nature Conservancy, Austin, TX

• Elizabeth Ramsey, Biology major, Environmental Biology option, M.S., University of Texas at Austin

 • Rima Lucardi, Biology major, currently M.S. student of Dr. Gary Ervin, Mississippi State University