Dr. Robert F. McMahon


Professor Emeritus of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Physiology, Marine Biology
OFFICE: 457 Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-2412 or 817-272-3492
LAB: B35 Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-5577
FAX: 817-272-2588

Ph.D. Syracuse University (1972)


My main research interests focus on the physiological ecology and population bioenergetics of freshwater and marine invertebrates, particularly gastropod and bivalve mollusks. My research areas include the biology and control of nonindigenous aquatic invertebrates such as zebra mussels and Asian clams, the effects of climatic warming including thermal effluents on the energetic allocation patterns of aquatic invertebrates, physiological responses of marine and freshwater invertebrates to environmental stress, the physiological basis of zonation in intertidal marine invertebrates, development of environmentally sound nonchemical controls for invertebrate macrofouling of raw water systems and the analysis of potential human vectors for transport of aquatic invasive species between isolated drainage systems.