Dr. Michael R. Roner


RonerAssociate Professor of Biology
MAJOR AREA: Virology
OFFICE: 330 Engineering Research Building
PHONE: 817-272-1302
LAB: 373 Engineering Research Building
PHONE: 817-272-5570
FAX: 817-272-2588





Education: Dr. Roner completed his Ph.D. at Miami University (Virology), a post-doctoral position at Duke University Medical Center (Virology, Immunology)and prior to his current position a faculty position at Florida Atlantic University (Virology, Immunology).
Experience: Dr. Roner has extensive experience in the molecular Virology of dsRNA viruses, general virology, immunology, antiviral activity of natural compounds and antiviral and antitumor activity of organotin polymers.
Publications: Since 1985, more than 75 papers published in USA national and international peer-reviewed journals such as PNAS, Virology, Journal of Virology, General Virology, Journal of Inorganic & Organometallic Polymers and Materials, BMC Cancer and Antiviral Research.
Awards: UTA Provost's Research Excellence Award.
Memberships: American Society for Microbiology, American Society for Virology, American Chemical Society, American Association for laboratory Animal Science.
Funding: NIH, the State of Texas, private companies and UTA
Number of Doctoral and Masters Students Graduated: Twenty-one