Dr. Malgosia Wilk-Blaszczak


MAJOR AREA: Neuroscience
OFFICE: 353 Life Science
PHONE: 817-272-7424/7423
FAX: 817-272-2588

M.D., (1984), Ph.D., (1986), Warsaw Medical School, Warsaw, Poland



The global purpose of the Wilk lab is to investigate how a variety of receptors that couple to G proteins affect the function of excitable cells (neurons and secretory cells) through the regulation of ion channels. The primary focus of our lab is the study of intracellular pathways involved in the regulation of ion channels, in particular, how alterations in the functional state of channels affect cellular functions in the conditions of chronic pain and inflammation. In addition, we have recently begun examining the local signaling interactions among neurons and accessory cells (such as mast cells) at the site of inflammation. The elucidation of these pathways and cellular interactions is expected to aid in the development of therapeutic strategies for the control of chronic pain and inflammation.