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10002. Fertilizer

Fertilizers are stored and used by colleges and university facilities to promote plant growth and health.


  • Signs are posted on doors to storage area that read “Danger - Fertilizer.”
  • If the storage area is a separate facility, a 10-lb. ABC fire extinguisher should be available.
  • When the storage area is within another building, have a 10-lb. ABC fire extinguisher located within 25 feet of the fertilizer.
  • Always store fertilizer in the original containers with the original, legible labels attached on all containers.
  • Date and rotate inventory.
  • Do not use more fertilizer than directed by the label.
  • Use protective measures when handling fertilizer as directed by the label, such as wearing impermeable gloves, long pants, and long-sleeve shirts. Change clothes and wash your hands immediately after applying fertilizer.
  • Don’t apply fertilizer outdoors on windy or rainy days. Take precautions to keep the fertilizer from drifting or running off onto the adjoining property.
  • If using a commercial applicator or lawn care service, ask for information about potential risks and safety precautions to take.
  • Keep the telephone number of your area poison control center near your telephone.
  • Store protective equipment and clothing in a nearby location that is accessible and clearly identified.
  • Purchase fertilizers in bulk quantity with staggered delivery dates.
  • MSDS should be kept and posted at or immediately nearby storage areas.


  • Natural organic soil amendments and fertilizers should be used to the greatest extent possible.