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Environmental & Regulatory Management System Policy Statement


The University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington) strives to be a model for environmental, health, and safety excellence in teaching, research, and the management of its facilities. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for establishing and promoting practices that ensure safety, protect health, maintain compliance, and minimize the institution's impact on the environment. Department heads, directors, managers, and supervisors are responsible for safety and environmental compliance in their respective areas. As an institution of higher learning, UT Arlington fosters an understanding of and a responsibility for the environment and encourages individuals to be knowledgeable about environmental, health, and safety issues. Each employee is expected to fully support environmental, health, and safety programs and policies, follow proper procedures, and ensure that equipment and facilities are maintained to the University's standards. 

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Environmental and Regulatory Management System (ERMS) includes the latest guidance examples and resources for the development and implementation of processes and practices that enable the University to reduce its environmental impact, ensure compliance, and increase its operating efficiency. 

The following statements reflect our commitment to lead by example and shape our ERMS into one that is recognized as being among the best.  

UT Arlington: 

  • Strives to provide and maintain safe working environments that minimize the risk of injury or illness for employees, students, and visitors;
  • Continuously monitors and improves operations, with the goal of meeting or exceeding our compliance with applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations, policies, and voluntary standards;
  • Employs strategies of waste minimization and pollution prevention to reduce the use of toxic substances, promote reuse, and encourage the purchase of renewable, recyclable, and recycled materials;
  • Commits to stewardship of the environment and promotion of the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability;
  • Communicates ERMS processes and best management practices throughout all levels of the organization; and
  • Pledges to provide effective leadership by considering and encouraging innovative approaches to meet future environmental and regulatory challenges. 

It is the intent of this policy statement to promote environmental stewardship, protect health, and encourage safe and compliant work practices throughout the UT Arlington community.