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Sustainability -

Administration & Outreach

10101. Administration & Outreach


The Administration & Outreach work group is tasked with getting the message of sustainability out to students, faculty, staff, and the DFW community at large. We're utilizing various media resources to let people know about programs and events on campus, along with available opportunities to learn more about environmentalism and sustainability. We're also working with media outlets to inform the public about UT Arlington's commitment to and leadership in sustainable practices.

The Curriculum, Research, and Community Engagement work group promotes sustainability as an intellectual focus in the University's academic affairs. It encourages faculty, students and others in the University and beyond to seek compelling insights and creative solutions to the many problems posed by sustainability.

Steps Taken 

  1. Educating the departments about sustainability
  2. Classes regarding sustainability
  3. Establishing the Office of Sustainability and the University Sustainability Committee.


Program Description

Maverick Office Green Team

The Maverick Office Green Team goes beyond the typical environmental initiatives that many individuals, offices and departments at UT Arlington already support. This program takes a coordinated, long-term and campus-wide approach, providing resources, helpful guidelines and on-going consultation as needed. It also provides recognition to outstanding Maverick Office Green Teams including a reception with the President.

Sustainability Minor

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Urban and Public Affairs along with the working Group on Curriculum, Research and Community Engagement administered the minor in sustainability beginning in fall 2010. The minor in sustainability will provide credentials in the field of sustainability to students in a variety of majors.

University Sustainability Committee

The University Sustainability Committee at The University of Texas at Arlington develops and recommends policies and strategies to advance the University's commitment to help meet today's serious environment challenges. By setting the standard and serving as a role model, the University strives to promote environmental awareness and encourage conservation of resources.

A successful endeavor to transition to a sustainable or green campus involves four aspects of the university community—the administration, academic departments (students and faculty), the university research effort, and the local community.

The on-going purpose of the University Sustainability Committee (USC) is to propose means by which the University can bring faculty, staff, students and the entire community together to meet or surpass environmental standards, conserve resources, and minimize waste. In addition, the committee reviews and benchmarks efforts made by higher education peers in order to propose a course of action for administrative decisions at The University of Texas at Arlington.