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 906. Plumbing

Campus plumbing networks require maintenance and repair. These networks may contain acid solutions, chlorine, raw sewage, chemically treated HVAC discharge and water.



  • Identify contents, direction and volume of flow.
  • Measures should be taken to isolate the problem as quickly as possible and initiate repairs. Identify type of pipe and insulation prior to cutting or grinding.
  • Precaution should be taken to prevent accidental releases of gasses or liquids from the system.
  • Accidental releases should be contained and recovered to the greatest extent possible by qualified staff or contractor and disposed of or reclaimed in an appropriate manner. Notify Facilities Management 272-2000 and EH&S 272-2185 of any accidental releases.

Document actions taken.

  • Verify integrity of repairs prior to putting the system back in service.
  • Appropriate spill containment should be readily available at the job site and employees trained in its use.