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Fall 2016 Remaining Seminar Schedule

November 25

December 2

Professor Marc Anderson
College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Building a Better Environment by Doing Things ‘Porely’”

 Host: Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar

Symposia to highlight for October, 2015 (COS 50th Chemistry Month)

All from 3 – 4 pm in CRB 114 (Refreshments served in CRB 112 at 2:45 pm)

Friday, October 2
Prof. Sean Burrows, Oregon State University
“Biochemical Analysis:  MicroRNA Fluorescent Biosensors, Spectral Resolution, and Plasmonics”

Friday, October 9
Prof. Fred MacDonnell, UT Arlington
“Ruthenium Complexes of Redox-Active Intercalating Ligands as an Emerging Class of Anti-Cancer Agents”

Friday, October 16
Prof. Byeong-Su Kim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea
 “Hybrid Nanomaterials Based on Defective Nanocarbons: Promising Energy and Biomedical Applications”

Friday, October 30
Dr. Russell Grant, Laboratory Corporation of America
“Personalized Measurement for the Free Range Human”
--Should be promoted College-wide for a general science audience--

CHEMISTRY WEEK (10/19 – 10/23/2015)

Monday, October 19, 2015
Hamish Small Chair in Ion Analysis conferred to Prof. Sandy Dasgupta
Symposium (CPB 303)

1:30 Opening remarks, Dr. Karbhari
1:40 Evett Kruka and Chris Pohl, Thermo Fisher
1:45 Introduction of Hamish Small (Dasgupta) and Small lecture
2:35 Kannan Srinivasan, Thermo Fisher
2:55 Gary Christian, University of Washington
3:15 Coffee break
3:30 Charles Lucy, University of Alberta
3:50 Shaorong Liu, Oklahoma University
4:10 Chris Pohl, Thermo Fisher
4:30 Dan Armstrong, UT Arlington
5:00 Reception

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate and Undergraduate Research Poster Presentations
CPB 3rd floor atrium and/or CRB 1st floor hallway & CPB 303

1 – 4 pm poster presentations
4 – 4:30 pm judge deliberations
4:30 pm presentation of awards (including a trip to the national ACS conference for top UG winner)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Faculty Feud, hosted by Prof. Carl Lovely
CRB 114, 12 – 1 pm

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Crandell Lecture
CPB 303 at 3 pm (reception at 4:00 pm in CPB 303)
Dr. John Mitchell, Argonne National Labs
“New Materials:  What, Why,…and How?”

Friday, October 23, 2015 (Mole Day!)
History of Chemistry at UT Arlington (CRB 112/114)

3:00-3:10               Rasika Dias – Welcome and introductions
3:10-3:25              Tom Cogdell - UTA and COS and the Department - -- early years -1970
3:30-3:45              Marty Pomerantz – Chemistry Department ---- 1971-1990
3:50-4:05              Ed Bellion – Chemistry and Biochemistry Department ----- 1991-2015 (present)
4:10-4:25              Tom Strom --- History of Chemistry at local universities and industrial labs in DFW region
4:25-                      Discussion (probably ending at 5 PM)

DFW Young Investigator's Symposium ACS-DFW January Meeting
Professor Rasika Dias (Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UT Arlington), Professor Frank Foss (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UT Arlington) and Patty Wisian-Neilson (Professor, Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University) organized the DFW Young Investigator’s Symposium and ACS DFW section Meeting, which was held at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UT Arlington on Saturday, January 25, 2014. It was successful event with about sixty attendees representing most of the DFW area universities and Chemistry departments. Twelve Assistant Professors gave oral and poster presentations at the symposium. Seven postdoctoral scientists also discussed their research findings.

UT Arlington Problem Structures Workshop - 2013 Professor Rasika Dias (Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UT Arlington) and Dr. Dan Frankel (Bruker AXS) organized a Problem Structures Workshop at UT Arlington on small molecule X-ray crystallography, which was held in the W. A. Baker Chemistry Research Building on Saturday, November 2, 2013. It was well attended by closer to thirty participants from several universities including the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas Christian University, The University of Texas at Dallas, and University of North Texas. Dr. Charles Campana (Bruker AXS) and Dr. Joseph Reibenspies (Texas A&M) conducted the workshop and discussed various challenges and problems encountered during the X-ray structure solution and data analysis of small molecules.

 Bruker Workshop 1        Bruker Workshop 2

Crandell Lecture in Chemistry and Biochemistry The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UT Arlington launched the “Crandell Lecture in Chemistry and Biochemistry” recently, which was sponsored by a generous endowment established by Keith Crandell. Drs. Ravishankara and Eisenberg gave the inaugural talks (see below for details) which were attended by a very large group of students and faculty. Crandell Lecture will be an annual event organized by our department.

Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 — “Keeping Cool With HFCs: Science Behind Their Present and Future Use” by A. R. Ravishankara, NOAA Senior Scientist and Director of NOAA Boulder Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory at the University of Colorado, Boulder; Host: Purnendu Dasgupta

Ravishankara Lecture 

Friday, Oct. 18, 2013 — “Fuel from Water: The Light-Driven Generation of Hydrogen” by Richard Eisenberg, the Tracy H. Harris Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester; Host: Rasika Dias

 Eisenberg Lecture

Professor Peter Kroll received two new grants to develop methods and investigate extremely hard materials and high-temperature resistant coatings. DARPA sponsors the project "Cubic Boron Nitride: a Model for Extended Solids processing". NSF sponsored the project "Multiscale Design of Hard and High Temperature Resistant Coatings by Computation and Experiment" Congratulations Dr. Kroll. Read more

National Science Foundation grant awarded to Drs. Fred MacDonnell and Norma Tacconi. Their project is on “Deep Photochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol”. Congratulations Drs. MacDonnell and Tacconi. Read more about Dr. MacDonnell Research

National Science Foundation grant awarded to Drs. Krishnan Rajeshwar and Frank Foss. Their project is on “International Collaboration in Chemistry: Bioinspired Heterogeneous Photocatalyst Assemblies”. Congratulations Drs. Rajeshwar and Foss.Read more about Dr. Rajeshwar Research, Read more about Dr. Foss Research

National Science Foundation grant awarded to Dr. Rasika Dias, to research on ” Organometallic Complexes of Late D-block Elements and Pi-acid Ligands: Congratulations Dr. Dias. Read more about Dr. Dias Research

Dr. Kevin Schug is awarded grant from the University of Washington, to research on “Determination of Estrogens in Cereprospinal Fluid”. Congratulations Dr. Schug.  Read more about Dr. Schug Research

Congratulations Professor Dan Armstrong for winning the 2014 ACS Award in Separations Science and Technology. Read more

The Electrochemical Society elects Professor Krishnan Rajeshwar as vice president. Read more

Chemistry and Biochemistry undergrad recognized for “green chemistry”. Read more

Congratulations Professor Seiichiro Tanizaki. Dr. Tanizaki is the recipient of the 2013 University of Texas system Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. Read more

Congratulations to Professor Daniel Armstrong for his recent recognition as the 2013 American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow. This recognition is for his innovative achievements in the lab as well as his effective and engaging outreach projects. Read more

Congratulations to Drs. Dasgupta, Pierce, and Mandal for receiving following awards from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2013.

Purnendu Dasgupta: Award for Outstanding Research

Brad Pierce: Award for Outstanding Teaching

Subhra Mandal: COS Outstanding Research Award

Professor Zoltan A. Schelly receives 2012 Kerr Medal for work in electro-optics. The Kerr Medal, named for Scottish physicist John Kerr, has been awarded only eight times in the past 38 years. Kerr Medal

Congratulations to Dr. Brad Pierce for winning a three-year, $300,000 National Science Foundations Research Grant. Dr. Pierce will study a new class of enzymes that are catalysts for the oxidation, or breaking down, of sulfur-bearing molecules in the body.Faculty profile


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