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Kevin A. Schug

Kevin A. Schug

Associate Professor & Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Office: 358 CPB, Email:, Phone: 817-272-3541, FAX: 817-272-3808

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Soft ionization sources, such as electrospray ionization (ESI) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI), can be tuned to detect and study noncovalently-bound ionic complexes by mass spectrometry. This capability, combined with the analytical advantages of speed and sensitivity, allows for an efficient means to study molecular recognition systems under a variety of condensed and gas phase conditions. We are specifically concerned with development of novel methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis of molecular recognition systems by mass spectrometry and the application of these methods to interactive systems of current interest. Current efforts are designed to have impact in drug discovery, chiral separations, and elucidation of biochemical interactions. Through the course of our work, chromatographic separations and separation techniques play an important role. This is especially the case in research efforts related to the isolation and characterization of natural products. A current source of funding is from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, in an effort to elucidate and characterize the toxic constituents produced by golden algae (Prymnesium parvum), an organism responsible for massive fish fatalities in Texas waterways. All of our research efforts rely on close collaborations with biochemists, biologists, synthetic chemists, and other analytical chemists and engineers to create and identify new compounds for investigation, as well as to tie our analytical research into the bigger picture. It is my goal to involve students in all aspects of this endeavor, from research to teaching, in order to effectively train the next generation of analytical chemists.

Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry (

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Schug, K.A.  Solution Phase Enantioselective Recognition and Discrimination by Electrospray Ionization – Mass Spectrometry:  State-of-the-Art, Methods, and an Eye towards Increased Throughput Measurements.  Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 2007, 10, 301-316.

Schug, K.A.; Lindner, W.  Noncovalent Binding between Guanidinium and Anionic Groups:  Focus on Biological- and Synthetic-Based Arginine/Guanidinium Interactions with Phosph[on]ate and Sulf[on]ate Residues.  Chem. Rev. 2005, 105, 67-113.

B.S. in Chemistry, College of William and Mary (1998)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2002)

Postdoctoral Fellow:
Institute for Analytical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria (2003-2005)

Kevin Schug is Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Kevin received his B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1998 from the College of William and Mary, and later his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Virginia Tech in 2002 under the supervision of Prof. Em. Harold M. McNair. From 2003-2005, he performed post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lindner at the Institute for Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry at the University of Vienna in Austria. Since joining UTA in 2005, his research has been focused on the theory and application of separation science and mass spectrometry for solving a variety of analytical and physical chemistry problems. Two main research threads are currently pursued with some intertwined aspects: 1) the use of soft ionization - mass spectrometry for investigating noncovalent interactions, particularly in high throughput formats; and 2) isolation, characterization, and trace analysis of bioactive compounds in complex matrices. Financial support for this research is from UTA, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Eli Lilly and Company, and the National Science Foundation. Dr. Schug has received the 2009 Emerging Leader in Chromatography award given by LCGC magazine, an NSF CAREER award, and the 2009 Eli Lilly and Company ACACC Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Separation Science and LCGC Magazine. 

Dr. Schug has taught courses in instrumental analysis, biophysical chemistry, general chemistry, and quantitative analysis at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, he has taught courses in analytical chemistry and in mass spectrometry. In addition to regular departmental duties, he is a member of the UTA University Sustainability Committee and serves on the College of Science Graduate Studies Committee for the Environmental and Earth Sciences Program.

2012 Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry

2010   Eli Lilly and Company ACACC Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry

2010   U.T. Arlington, College of Science Research Excellence Award

2010   Sigma Xi (U.T. Arlington Chapter) Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

2010-  Editorial Advisory Board, LCGC Magazine

2009-  "Dean" of HPLC section of CHROMacademy interactive learning website

2009-2014  NSF CAREER Award (CHE-0846310)

2009    Emerging Leader in Chromatography (Sponsored by LCGC Magazine)

2009-   Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Separation Science

2009-   Founding Editor, Journal of High School Research in the Chemical Sciences 

2007-   Founder and Director, U.T. Arlington Mass Spectrometry Analysis Facility

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