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Three types of master's degrees are offered.

MS with Thesis

The MS with thesis is a research degree and is generally obtained in two or three years of full-time work. During this time the student learns to recognize and solve problems in research. Graduate work in chemistry leading to this degree requires 24 hours of coursework and completion of a thesis based on the research performed by the student.

MS with Thesis Substitute

The MS with thesis substitute is designed for students who are currently employed in industry. This thesis substitute option requires 27 hours of course work and 6 hours of an individual instruction course. The final requirement is a substantial report (the thesis substitute) rather than a thesis. In order to exercise this option, the student must have completed at least five years of suitable professional experience in an industrial, government or other chemistry laboratory at the time that the degree is awarded.

Non-Thesis MS

A non-thesis route to the MS, requiring 36 credit hours of course work, is also available.

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