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Center for Advanced Polymer Research

The Center for Advanced Polymer Research is involved in the devlopment of new polymeric materials for new applications. Research groups are focusing efforts in areas of electrically conductive polymers, ionically conductive polymers, potentially superconductive polymers, electroluminescent polymers and new methods for polymer processing, using graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and undergraduate students in research positions.

Modern experimental facilities have been constructed that give the Center state-of-the-art polymer characterization capabilities in high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for solids and liquids, electron paramagnetic resonance, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, gel permeation and high pressure liquid chromatography, optical and electron microscopy, thermal analysis, electrochemistry, electronic measurements, x-ray photoelectron, multi-angle laser light scattering GPC detector, Raman spectroscopy, theoretical modeling, and carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen elemental analysis.

Joint research programs exist both internally and with industrial and governmental laboratories. Doctoral candidates spend 4-6 months in industrial research internships as part of their degree requirements.

Dr. Martin Pomerantz

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