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Center for Colloidal and Interfacial Dynamics (CCID)

The objective of this Center is to facilitate and coordinate the research efforts of faculty associates, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students interested in rate processes in colloidal systems and at interfaces.  Such processes are relevant in chemistry, physics, geology, bio- and environmental sciences, and many areas of engineering.  Examples of the studies include the investigation of the rate and mechanism of the formation of colloidal particles and thin films, adsorption-desorption at interfaces, mass transport across membranes, molecular tailoring of surfaces via pulsed plasma deposition, photoelectrochemistry and photocatalysis, polymer films bearing colloidal catalyst particles, and improved biocompatibility of materials.

state-of-the-art instrumentation includes X-ray photoelectron (XPS), laser Raman, diode-array UV-visible, and Fourier transform IR spectrometers, dynamic light scattering apparatus, several RF plasma reactors, quartz crystal microbalance, cyclic voltametry, electroanalytical, and thermal analysis (DTA, TGA, DMA) instruments; and for the rate studies on the sub-second time scale: stopped-flow, temperature-jump, pressure-jump, electric field-jump, laser-induced electric birefringence apparatus, and rapid-scan time-resolved spectrometers.


Zoltan A. Schelly (colloids)
Richard B. Timmons (molecular tailoring of surfaces)
Krishnan Rajeshwar (photo-electrochemistry)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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