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The research program is the major component of any graduate chemistry degree. At the UT Arlington department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, faculty expertise covers a wide variety of chemical and biochemical areas. Current synthetic work includes:

  • natural products,
  • medically active agents,
  • novel precursors for semiconductor fabrication,
  • new catalysts,
  • stabilization of reactive intermediates and
  • electrically conducting polymers.


Biochemical research includes studies of methylotrophic metabolism and the enzymology and molecular biology of photosynthetic prokaryotes. Physical, analytical and electrochemical research includes studies of colloids and surfaces, electrode modification through thin film surface deposition and characterization of the electrical properties of polymers and other materials.


Theoretical studies involve both a major computational program applying molecular orbital theory to a variety of important problems in inorganic, organic and polymer chemistry and a statistical mechanical approach to the quantum dynamics of important systems including electron transfer in condensed media.


Active interdisciplinary research in materials science, biomedical engineering and environmental chemistry offers students a broad perspective for interdepartmental collaborations within the university.

Research Centers

Several research centers are operated from within the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. These centers bring together a variety of specialists from different fields to enhance cross disciplinary research within the college and university.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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