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Southwest Regional Speaker Exchange Program


Armstrong, Daniel    817-272-3805
"Ionic Liquids and Their Use in Chemical Analysis"
"Recent Advances in the Development and Use of Chiral Selectors in Separation Science"
"Separations-Based High Efficiency Microbial Analysis"

Dasgupta, Purnendu (Sandy)    817-272-3171
"A Green Analyzer for Arsenic"
"Perchlorate : Where now?"

Dias, Rasika    817-272-3813
"Teflon Coated Pyrazolates and Scorpionates"
"Light Emitting Chains, Rings and Other Types of Aggregates Containing Copper, Silver and Gold Atoms"

Foss, Frank    817-272-5245
"Phospholipid Metabolism and Signaling: Developing Non-Natural Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Analogues as Biological Tools"
"Artificial Enzymes: Mimicking Nature to Develop Non-Natural Catalysts"
"Molecular Electronics: Structure-Function Relationships in Electron Transport through Aromatic and Anti-Aromatic Molecules"
"The "Weaker Forces": An Introduction to Intermolecular Forces and Self-Assembly in Nature and Nanoscale Materials"

Heo, Jongyun    817-272-1076
"Anticancer Therapeutic Potentials and Redox Regulation Mechanisms of Ras, Rho and Ran GTPases"

Kroll, Peter    817-272-3814
"Computational High-Pressure Chemistry of Nitride Compounds"
"Order in Disordered Materials: Modeling and Computation of Nano-domains in Glasses and Amorphous Ceramics"
"Amorphous Ceramics, Interfaces, and Nanostructures: Atomistic Modeling and ab-initio Computations"
"Computational Solid State Chemistry: Glasses, Nanostructures, and High-Pressure Science"

Lovely, Carl    817-272-5446
"New Methods for Imidazole Functionalization -- Application to the Total Synthesis of Marine Alkaloids"
"New Methods of Transition Metal-Mediated and -Catalyzed Synthesis"

MacDonnell, Frederick    817-272-2972
"Hypoxia Selective DNA Cleavage Using DNA Binding Metal Complexes"
"Photodriven Sequential and Concerted Multi-Electron Reduction of Ruthenium Complexes: Potential Towards Hydrogen Production"

Mandal, Subhra     817-272-3808
"Mixed Lineage Leukemia Histone Methylases in Gene Expression, Hormone Signaling and Cancer"
"Mixed Lineage Leukemias Bridge Between Estrogen Signaling and Blood Cholesterol"
"Screening Small Molecules: Metallo-Salens Are Potential Novel Anti-Tumor Agents"

Pierce, Brad    817-272-9066

"Proton-dependent transient intermediates in the catalytic mechanism of mouse cysteine dioxygenase"
"tRNA-modifying diiron monooxygenase (MiaE): the role of tRNA-interactions on electronic structure and enzymatic activity"
"Beyond the first coordination sphere in non-heme iron enzymes: how outer-sphere interactions influence substrate-specificity, and coupling efficiency”

Rajeshwar, Krishnan    817-272-3511
"Combining Photochemistry with Electrochemistry: The Sun is the Limit"
"Solar Hydrogen Generation: Toward a Renewable Energy Economy"

Schug, Kevin     817-272-3541
"The Caveats of Studying Solution Phase Small Molecule Molecular Recognition by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry"
"Chiral Recognition and Enantiodiscrimination by Mass Spectrometry: Ready for Industry or Purely Academic?"

UT Arlington will pick up cost of travel for smaller Institutions within a 150-mile radius, through the Southwest Speaker Exchange

The following seminars from our faculty are available to participating institutions. If your department wishes to take advantage of any such presentation, please contact the faculty member directly.

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