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tech session
Title: The fallacy of interpreting SSDS with different types of breccias as seismites amid the multifarious origins of earthquakes: Implications
Speaker: Dr. G. Shanmugam
Affiliation: Local geologist
October 06, 2016
tech session
Title: Applications of full waveform inversion at continetnal and reservoir scales
Speaker: Dr. Hejun Zhu
Affiliation: UT Dallas
October 13, 2016
tech session
Title: Links between mountain building and monsoon intensification in South Asia: New results from IODP Expedition 355
Speaker: Dr. Peter Clift
Affiliation: Louisiana State University
October 20, 2016
tech session
Title: Manifestation of intruded polar cold deep waters in the western Arabian Sea
Speaker: Dr. Guanghsheng Zhuang
Affiliation: Louisiana State University
October 27, 2016
tech session
Title: TBA
Speaker: Dr. Mark Harrison
Affiliation: UCLA
November 03, 2016
tech session
Title: Biophysical feedbacks in hothouse climates of the past
Speaker: Dr.Arne Winguth
Affiliation: UT Arlington
November 10, 2016
tech session
Title: Topographic growth and foreland-hinterland basin transition in the central Andes of southern Peru
Speaker: Dr. Joel Saylor
Affiliation: University of Houston
November 17, 2016
tech session
Title: Comparison of trace elements in size-fractionated particles in two communities with contrasting socioeconomic status (SES) in Houston, TX
Speaker: Dr. Inkyu Han
Affiliation: UT Health Science Center at Houston
December 01, 2016