Electricity & Light Physics Lab Schedule Summer II
Dates Lab Supplemental
July 8,9 No Labs
Obtain the Physics Lab Manual: Electricity and Light from the Bookstore
Download the lab Syllabus and
Pre-lab Questions

July 10,11 Unit 16 Electric Fields
July 15,16 Unit 17 Capacitance
July17,18 Unit 18 DC Circuits
Solving Kirchoff's

Unit 18 Help file
July22,23 Unit 19 Potentiometer
July 24,25 Unit 20 Response of Passive circuit elements
July 29,30 Unit 22 Reflection & Refraction
July 31, Aug. 1 Unit 23 Diffraction & Interference
Aug. 5,6 LabExam
Lab exam is worth 20% of your final lab grade. You must attend at your normally schedule time and room.
You will need a calculator and pencil. No scantron required
A formula sheet will be provided. Lowest lab unit grade is dropped.
Study Guide
Problems and Question
Equation Sheet