Week of Lab Supplemental
Sept. 1 Lab Introduction. Policies, rules and requirements will be discussed.
Bring the lab Syllabus
Monday Sept 1, due to Holiday, the lab Introduction will be part of the 1st schedule lab on Sept 8th.
Sept. 8 Unit 15- Introduction to Laboratory Test equipment
Unit 15 pre-lab due at start of the lab.
Prelabs can be found at the beginning of each lab unit in your lab manual
Sept. 15 Unit 16 Electric Fields
Sept. 22 Unit 17 Capacitance
Sept 29 Unit 18 DC Circuits
Solving Kirchoff's

Unit 18 Help file
Oct. 6 Report writing week
Oct. 13 Unit 19 Potentiometer
Oct. 20 Unit 20 Response of Passive circuit elements
Oct. 27 Unit 21 AC Circuits
Nov. 3 Unit 22 Reflection & Refraction
Nov. 10 Unit 23 Diffraction & Interference
Nov. 17 Lab Test: 18 Multiple choice question and 4 problems
You must attend at your normally schedule time and room
You will need a calculator and pencil. No scantron required
Bring the equation sheet located at the end of your lab manual.
Study Guide
Problems and Question
Equation Sheet