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Week of Lab Supplemental
Jan. 14-18 No Labs
Obtain the Physics Lab Manual: Mechanics and Sound from the Bookstore
Download the lab Syllabus

Jan 21-25 Short week: Lab Introduction.
Policies, rules and requirements will be discussed.
Bring the lab Syllabus
Monday's Lab will have the introduction on Jan 28 along with first lab.
Jan 28 - Feb 1 Unit 1- Uncertainties
Calculations of Uncertainties
Unit 1 pre-lab due at start of the lab.
Appendix 2
Feb 4 - 8 Unit 2-Newton's 2nd Law
Feb 11-15 Unit 3- Composition and Resolution of Forces
Feb 18 - 22 Unit 4- Uniform Circular Motion
Graphing data with uncertainties using Excel
Excel 2003
Excel 2007 2010
Feb 25 - Mar. 1 Unit 5- Projectile Motion
Mar. 4-8 Unit 6- Rotational Equilibrium
March 11-15 Spring Break
March 18-22 Inclement weather make up.
You will only meet if you missed a lab due to campus closing.
You will only perform the lab that was missed.
March 25-29 Unit 7- Hooke's law
April 1-5 Unit 8- Archimedes Principle
April 8-12 Unit 9- Speed of Sound
April 15-19 Lab Test: 18 Multiple choice question and 4 problems.
You must attend at your normally scheduled time and room.
You will need a calculator and pencil. No scantron required.
A formula sheet will be provided.
Study Guide
Problems and Questions
Equation Sheet