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Undergraduate Mission Statement

The Department of Physics offers two Bachelors of Science Degree programs and a Bachelor of Arts Degree program. The Bachelor of Science Degree programs include one which prepares students for careers in science and technology and another for medical school preparation. The Bachelor of Arts Degree in physics is intended for those students who seek a broader education while retaining a firm foundation in physics. When combined with the required education courses, the Bachelor of Arts program is also appropriate for students interested in becoming school teachers. Students considering a physics major should schedule an appointment with an undergraduate physics departmental advisor to discuss their degree options and their career potential as physicists.
Physics majors are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in research projects under research faculty guidance. Students participating in these projects can gain extensive hands-on experience in a variety of research environments including condensed matter physics, nano-bio physics, astrophysics and space physics, optics, high energy, and computational physics. Undergraduate research assistants frequently receive financial awards. The faculty of the Physics Department encourages students who qualify to participate in the University Honors College. Scholarships may be offered every year to new students majoring in physics. There is also a new “fast-track” program for students to obtain a B. S. in Physics and M. S. in Materials Science and Engineering in approximately 5 years of study.

Prospective students please visit the UTA Admissions and Undergraduate Catalog pages.

Degree Plan - BS Physics (.xls)


Emily Milam
Academic Advisor
Phone: 817-272-9685

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