Nano-Bio Physics Group - Members

Dr. Wei Chen, Associate Professor

Professor Wei Chen, Group Head


Xiaoju Zou

Dr. Xiaoju Zou, Research Scientist


Lun (Kevin) Ma

Dr. Lun (Kevin) Ma, Research Assistant Professor

Xiaolan Chen, Visiting Scientist


Xiangyu Chen, Visiting Scientist


Lier Deng, Visiting Scientist


Xiaotang Liu, Visiting Scientist


Dr. Zhang Wei, Visiting Scientist


Cuiping Li, Visiting Student


Zhu Ling, Visiting Student


Zhang Yuanyuan, Visiting Student



Brian Bui

Brian Bui, Ph. D. Track Student



Sunil K Sahi

Sunil K. Sahi, Ph. D. Track Student


Leila Hossein Rashidi

Leila Hossein Rashidi, Graduate


Gabriella Castillo, Undergraduate


Jose Chavez, Undergraduate


Jennifer Dinh, Undergraduate


Phuong Anh Do, Undergraduate


Brandon Lam, Undergraduate


Hien Lam, Undergraduate


Rebecca Xueyi Lim, Undergraduate


Yik Ng, Undergraduate


Tran Nguyen, Undergraduate


Lydia S. Ramirez, Undergraduate


Kalvacheria Vinay, High School student



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