Nano-Bio Physics Group - Members

Current Members | Former Members

Dr. Wei Chen, Associate Professor

Professor Wei Chen, Group Head


Xiaoju Zou

Dr. Xiaoju Zou, Research Scientist


Dr. Zhengxin Fu

Dr. Zhengxin Fu, Visiting Scientist


Dr. Shikao Shi

Dr. Shikao Shi, Visiting Scientist


Lun (Kevin) Ma

Dr. Lun (Kevin) Ma, Postdoctoral Fellow


Jigang Wang

Jigang Wang, Visiting Ph. D. Student


Chang Yang

Chang Yang, Visiting Ph. D. Student


Jianghu Cui

Jianghu Cui, Visiting Ph. D. student


Brian Bui

Brian Bui, Ph. D. Track Student


Homa Homayoni

Homa Homayoni, Ph. D. student (Bioengineering)


Tej Nath Lamichhane

Tej Nath Lamichhane, Ph. D. student


Sunil K Sahi

Sunil K. Sahi, Ph. D. Track Student


Zhaopeng Wang

Zhaopeng Wang, Ph. D. student


Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall, Graduate Student


Leila Hossein Rashidi

Leila Hossein Rashidi, Graduate


James Bourbeau

James Bourbeau, Undergraduate


Shalie Cason

Shalie Cason, Undergraduate


Joseph Sortore

Joseph (Tony) Sortore, Undergraduate


Rohanni Parostu

Rohanni (Paris) Parostu, Undergraduate


Sophia Ngenge

Sophia N Ngenge, Undergraduate



Former Members

Marius Hossu

Doctor Marius Hossu, Research Scientist


Dr. Ke Jiang

Dr. Ke Jiang, Postdoctoral Fellow


Zhongxin Liu

Dr. Zhongxin Liu, Visiting Scientist


Lakshmanan, Santana Bala

Lakshmanan, Santana Bala, Graduate Student


Yamini Chitrala

Yamini Chitrala, Graduate (Bioengineering)


Surya Singh

Surya Singh, Summer Research Student


Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh, Summer Research Student


Mayokun Olanipekun

Mayokun (Mayo) Olanipekun, Undergraduate


Jennifer Dinh

Jennifer Dinh, UBMS Student


Cristian Morales

Cristian Morales, UBMS Student


Boon Kuan Woo

Boon Kuan Woo, Ph. D. graduate


Mingzhen Yao

Mingzhen Yao, Ph. D. graduate


Yuebin (David) Li

Yuebin (David) Li, visiting Ph. D. graduate


Xing (Bob) Zhang

Xing (Bob) Zhang, M. S. graduate


Preethi Suriamoorthy

Preethi Suriamoorthy, M. S. Graduate, Bioengineering


Jose Barona

Jose Barona, Undergraduate


Robert Raimond

Robert A. Raimond, Undergraduate


Zhong Sun

Professor Zhong Sun, Visiting Scholar
Alfonso J. Hinojosa

Alfonso J. Hinojosa, M. S. graduated in December 2008


Angela Harenza

Chance Harenza, undergraduate (2007)


Roger O. Schaeffer

Roger O. Schaeffer, undergraduate (2007)


Dr. Zhiliang Huang

Dr. Zhiliang Huang, visiting professor (2007)




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