Dr. A. H. Weiss

Professor, Department of Physics and Program in Materials

Post Doctoral Fellows Supervised:

S. Naidu

A. R. Koymen

Assitance Professor, Department of Physics at UTA

K. O. Jensen

S. Yang

Doctoral Dissertations Directed:

M. Jibaly (Appl. Phys.87)

D. Mehl (Appl. Phys 90)

Keun-Ho Lee (Phys. 92)

G. Yang (Mats. Sci. 94)

H.Q. (Amy) Zhou (Phys. and Appl. Phys. 96)

E. Jung (Phys. and Appl. Phys. 96)

Master's Theses Directed:

C. Lei (Phys. 88)

K. H. Lee (Phys.90)

L. W. Tyan (Phys.92)

J. H. KIM (Phys. 94)

S. Wheeler (Phys 95)

A. Nangia (Mats. Sci. 97)

Students Currently Under My Direction:

J. H. Kim (Ph.D. Phys.)

W. C. Chen (Ph.D. Mats. Sci.)

R. Venkataraman (M.S.Phys.)

N. Jiang (M.S.Phys.)

S. Starnes (M.S.Phys.)


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