Auger Line Shape Study of Cu M23VV and Ge M23VV Measured with PAES

(left) Close-up of Cu M23VV Auger spectrum measured with high-resolution PAES system. Circles represent raw data, solid line is smoothed data.

(right) PAES shows a very clean M23M4M4 transition peak. The energy difference between the M2M4M4 peak and the M3M4M4 peak is about 5eV which is the same as expected from the free atomic model. To figure out the M2M4M4 peak and the M3M4M4 peak in detail, we compared the PAES data with the EAES data and optimized the peaks using Gaussian functions.

Study of secondary electrons and redistributed primaries from the Ge(100) surface utilizing PAES

(a) Positron annihilation induced secondary and Auger electron emission from a clean polycrystalline Cu surface, with 10 eV positron beam energy and -2.5 eV sample bias; (b) Electron induced secondary and Auger electron emission, with 735 eV primary electron beam energy and -5 V sample bias.

Comparison of electron/ positron beam induced energy distributions.


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