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Graduate Mission Statement

The objective of graduate work in physics is to prepare the student for continued professional and scholarly development as a physicist. The Physics Master of Science Degree Programs are designed to give the student advanced training in all fundamental areas of physics through formal courses and the options of some degree of specialization or participation in original research in one of a variety of projects directed by the faculty. The Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Applied Physics Program combines the traditional elements of a science doctoral program with courses in specifically applied topics and internship in a technological environment. It is designed to produce highly trained professionals with a broad perspective of the subject which may prepare them equally well for careers in academic or in government or industrial laboratories. 
Current research in the department is conducted in the areas of condensed matter physics and materials science, nano-bio physics, astrophysics and space physics, high-energy physics, optics, and Physics education. 

Prospective students please visit the Office of Graduate Study and Graduate Catalog pages. Apply online for Physics Graduate Study.

Advisor Information

Dr. Qiming Zhang
Professor of Physics
Phone: 817-272-2020

Dr. Muhammad H. Huda
Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: 817-272-1097

Fast Track

  • Fast Track 5 Year BS in Physics with MS Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering


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