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Dr. Yang Li from Department of Physics, Texas A&M University, visited our group on May 10, 2005. He gave a seminar on "Magnetism and Superconductivity of Novel Clathrate Materials". In this talk, Dr. Li presented a joint experimental and theoretical study of magnetism, superconductivity, structural properties in type-I and type-IX 3d-doped silicon clathrates and germanium clathrates. The clathrate materials with sp3 hybridized networks have received increasing attention over the past a few years.  Clathrates with an open network are tailorable materials containing polyhedral cages which can capture metal atoms by a self-assembling. These materaisl exhibit a wide variety of properties ranging from insulators to metals, which depending upon the captured metals and occupation fraction. The different properties also can be obtained by doping other kinds of atoms. Discovery of superconductivity, thermoelectric application, potential optical materials, potential magnetic sensor and semiconductor have further stimulated much interest in these novel materials.

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