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This page contains a list of equipment in our lab as well as the research facilities here in UTA that we have access to.

Material Synthesis.  

  • Three fume hoods with chemical synthesis setups to synthesize nanoparticles

  • Four mechanical alloying stations including one in the presence of magnetic field

  • Magnetron sputter system NSC4000 (high vacuum, 6-gun system)

  • Electrochemical deposition system (Parstat 2273)

  • Tri-Arc Melting furnace

  • Melt Spinner

Heat Treatment and Compaction

  • High temperature heat treatment furnaces Lindberg (two + one connected to the glove box)
  • Rapid Thermal Processor RTP600S (up to 200C/s ramp rate) Modular Process Technologies  
  • Magnetic field press (25 ton, custom built by Baki)
  • Carver Manual Press (10 ton, located in the glove box)
  • High temperature, large volume Linberg three-zone solid tube furnace

Magnetic Characterization

  • Alternating Gradient magnetometer Model 2900 Princeton Measurements Corporation 
  • Magnetic Properties Measurement System (SQUID) Quantum Design
  • Physical property measurement system (PPMS, 14 T, 2 K to 1,000 K temperature) Quantum Design

Structural and Microscopic Characterization (MRCEDM)

  • SympTech microsize analyzer (Quixel)
  • Laser particel size analyzer (Nanotrac 250)
  • Two Powder X-ray Diffractometers (one in MSE and one in Geology)
  • Thin film X-ray Diffractometer
  • A JEOL 1200 EX STEM w/light element Oxford AN10000 EDS
  • A JEOL 845 SEM that is capable of 40 Angstrom resolution w/
    digital acquisition, EDS and x-ray mapping
  • JEOL 200CX TEM with resolution of 2.8 A point to point, 1.4 A line (with high resolution pole piece). Magnetification: 900X to 650,000X



  • Double length glove box (nitrogen) Innovative Technology
  • Transparent table top glove box
  • Nanotrac - Optical LASER scattering apparatus for particle size measurement (~0.8 nm to 6 um)
  • Ultra Microbalance UMX2 (~0.1 ug) Mettler Toledo
  • Two Analytical Balances (~0.1mg) Mettler Toledo
  • Two electromagnets for field alignment of magnetic particles

Apart from the above mentioned equipment in UTA, we also have access to other facilities through our various collaborators.

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